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Terms & Conditions


Whilst we use all reasonable endeavours to make sure your domain name, internet keyword or any other product of ours is renewed at the relevant renewal date, you acknowledge that it is not possible for us to guarantee such renewal and that we shall not be liable for ant failure to renew the domain name.

If you do not pay any charges we reserve the right to sell, rent and / or change the ownership of any domain names into our name without further notice to you. 

If the domain name is cancelled for non payment then it will become available to others for registration. 

If the domain name reverts to us then you may negotiate directly with us to regain the domain however we have no obligation to give the domain to you.

If you would like to transfer your domain name away from Postcode Generics there will be a charge of £99 + vat per domain, for all domains being transferred away from Postcode Generics, this will cover all process and administration fees.

There will be a 45 day domain holding period from the date of the domain purchase, during this time Postcode Generics will provide a temporary redirect of your domain name to an external server or existing website. Once the 45 day period has expired Postcode Generics will release the domain to your specified registrar. 

Postcode Generics will always make the transfer of domains simple to manage and we will work with you directly to ensure a fluid process with all domain transfer requests. 

Upon accepting your request to transfer away from Postcode Generics it is imperative that all transfer request details are accurate. 

The client will have to undergo a security confirmation before Postcode Generics will work directly with the new registrar for any transfers requested. 

Any domain transfers processed to the wrong IPS TAG or Administrator contact provided by the client will not be held liable by Postcode Generics. 

All domains which are transferred out inaccurately may result in the loss of domains by both parties and may require further action by the web standards regulating authorities.  

We will use our reasonable endeavours to make sure that your domain name, internet keyword or any other product comprising the Service will be automatically renewed after expiry of the initial Agreement period and will endeavour to make sure that the renewal is for a period covering the Agreement period. 

Where a domain name is to be renewed we will automatically renew a domain(s) either as part of the overall package or as an individual domain. An annual renewal fee will be applicable as outlined in the renewal notice sent at least three (3) days prior to renewal. 


If a domain name has been registered and paid for, under no circumstances will a refund be given if the customer backs out for any reason. 

As per registrar policy, all domain name registrations and renewals are final. 

No refunds are given on successful domain registrations or renewals. 

Once a domain name has been registered we are unable to alter them in name or extension, should additional domains be requested they will be chargeable at the current market rate plus admin fees.

100% NO Guarantee

At Postcode Generics we can make absolutely NO guarantee or promise in relation to specific ranking for specified domain names or keywords because we do NOT control the search engine results.