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Our "100% NO GUARANTEE" Policy

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Our 100% NO GUARANTEE Summary

At Postcode Generics we can make absolutely NO guarantee or promise in relation to specific ranking for specified domain names or keywords because we do NOT control the search engine results. 

The only people who control this is the search engines themselves.

- Postcode Generics has a 3rd party association to the search engines.

- Postcode Generics is NOT affiliated with the search engines anymore than you are.

- Postcode Generics does not manipulate or control the search engine results in any way, ever.

- Postcode Generics can ONLY control the techniques applied in an effort to achieve the desired result by using many years of experience and expertise, just like you could.

- Postcode Generics does not control or manipulate demand for a product or service and cannot control the amount of searches, clicks or enquiries you may receive. 

- Postcode Generics does not control clicks to your website as a result of high rankings on search engines.

We can only give advice... ;-)


Search engine results are controlled solely by each individual search engine, not Postcode Generics or anybody else. These search engines have complicated algorithms and formulas that evaluate pages on the internet based on keyword searches which are performed by the search engine user. 

It is impossible for ANY company to guarantee results for any website or webpage so we will not do this. This is because they are NOT in control of the search engines. 


Search engine optimisation is the process of applying techniques to your website that increase your chance of being ranked for specific keywords. 

We refer to it as "Baking a cake" which is a simple concept. Baking a cake is following a recipe ensuring you add the correct ingredients together and setting the timer on the oven for the allocated time. 

Sounds simple enough, but what happens if you miss out a small but important ingredient... What happens then? 

"We" believe a postcode generic domain name is an important ingredient! 

"We" do not tell the search engine where to rank you. 

When registering domain names, we follow best practices. 


We can legally and ethically make no guarantee or promise whatsoever.