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Postcode Generics is run and owned by Intelligent Web Solutions Ltd.

With experience in online advertising since the days of dial up internet we know exactly what’s needed when getting you found! We will assist in getting you listed on the most commonly used search engines in the world.

Getting your business found on the internet has many unique benefits when it comes to marketing your business. One thing many people don’t grasp is the power the internet has. 

In 2008 more than 79% of the population in the UK used the internet on a daily basis, and this figure was growing daily. (2008 Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators)

Postcode Generics will increase your exposure by enabling you to register the most valuable "postcode generic" domain names.

Our focus has always been on getting businesses found online, that’s all we do - ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR!!

Catering for business clients only we are specialists in business-to-business partnerships. 

With Postcode Generics you will get your own independently designed advertising recommendation. 

The aim of that recommendation is to simply get you a strategy in finding top positions on the search engines, in turn driving more keyword specific customers to your site. 

Postcode Generics will increase your online presence - Guaranteed! 

We will help get your business off the ground and listed in search engines - Guaranteed! 

We design your business the perfect recommendation using domain names that people actually use. 

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have - we can help get you found! 

It doesn't matter if you don’t have a website - we can build you one! 

The only thing we can’t guarantee is the business... But then again, who can??? 

We can manage all your new media advertising campaigns if needed, so you can focus on the job at hand... 

Getting found on the internet can be difficult. 

Postcode Generics have the experience to help get you exposed almost instantly. 

We are specialists in all fields of online promotion ranging from registering domain names right through to getting your business high listings on Google, the biggest search engine in the world! 

Why have you never heard of us if we are as good as we claim??    

The simple answer is because you don't need to. All the services we offer involve somebody else's brand name. We simply manage your online services on your behalf. 

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, and more... The question is.. Have you heard of these companies? When was the last time you used any of these services?? You've probably heard of these companies and there is a very high chance you've recently used one of the websites mentioned. 

All of the above are used online millions of times worldwide by potential clients, often clients that are searching for the exact same products or services that you supply - the question is are they finding you because that's where Postcode Generics can help, almost instantly! 

You have the chance to taste some success online. You have been given the opportunity NOW!